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-Hair Removal

-Laser Power: 800W, 1200W, 1600W, 2400W

-Wavelength 755nm/ 808nm/1064nm

-Laser channel Macro-channel

-Frequency: 1-10Hz optinal

-Max energy: 90J/120J/150J/180J/330J/cm2

-Pulse duration:5-400ms adjustable

-Spot Size: 12*12/12*18/10*20/12*35mm2

-Cooling system: Semiconductor cooling +air

Cooling +water cooling (compressor cooling optional)

Listing Proprietary Names FDA Number

Diode Laser System HM-DL 100 K 162659

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-Spot Size: 8*40mm.15*35mm&15*50mm


(standard),/690/750 -1200nm(Optional)

-Energy Density: 10-50J/cm

-Pulse Duration: 2-15 ms (adjustable)

-Pulse Number: 1-20 pulses (adjustable)

-Delay Time: 5-50 ms (adjustable)

-Integrated Skin Coaling: -4'C- +4'C

-Cooling System: Air & Close Water

-Circulation&Treatment head with

Semiconductor cooling temperature adjustable

Power 1500w/2000w

-420nm improving acne

-530nm: pigmentation removal

-560nm rejuvenation,

-590nm: vascular removal.

-640nm light color hair removal,

-690nm brown color hair remvoal.

-750nm dark color hair removal.

Listing Proprietary Names FDA Number

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment K192521

System HM-IPL-B8

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-Tattoo removal

-Pigmentation removal

-Skin rejuvenation

-Laser wavelength: 1064&532nm

(585/640nm dye laser tip optional)

-Pulse energy: 1064nm 100-600mj

532nm: 50-480mj

-Width of Pulse: s 5ns

-Repetition rate: 1, 2. 5, 10Hz

-Light spot: 2-10mm With aiming beam

-Size: 98.5*64.5128cm

Listing Proprietary Names FDA Number

Nd: YAG Laser Therapy K202758

System, HM-YL900

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-Face lifting

-Body slimming

-Wrinkle removal

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-skin scars

-Sagging skin

-Stretch Marks Removal

- Large Pores

-Wrinkle Removal

-Pigmentation diseases

-Skin Rejuvenation

-Freckle removal

-Removal of pigmented nevus, freckles age pigments, warts, seborrheic, keratosis, acnes shrinkage

-Skin tightening

-laser Wavelength: 10600nm

-Laer Power: up to 40W (optional)

-Light system: 7 joint arms

-Pulse Duration: 100-5000us

-Focussed diameter of the beam: 0.25mm

-Focal area: 0.05mm2


-Shapes:Triangle/square/rectangle/round/oval/ hexagon/linear

-Area of diagram: s20mm*20mm

-Handle:Private treatment tips, Cutting head

-Three Operation Interface

Listing Proprietary Names FDA Number

CO2 Laser Therapy System K192528

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Linear 3 Mesotherapy Needle

30G * 4mm

Linear 3 Mesotherapy Needle

30G * 6mm

Linear 7 Mesotherapy Needle

30G * 4mm

Linear 7 Mesotherapy Needle

30G * 6mm

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Atlas Tech is a medical technology company that combines the expertise and experience of some of the most innovative and impactful legacy organizations in the industry. Together with physicians and clinicians we create a powerhouse of knowledge and excellence. Our goal is to create a future of better care with our clinically differentiated products and solutions. With a shared vision of revolutionizing patient care and improving lives around the globe, our team is dedicated to developing and delivering cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of what is possible in healthcare. It’s our past that makes our future possible.

**Beauty is Confidence**

-Atlas Tech Group provides beauty and medical devices and supplies.

- Training And Repairing Included.

- Devices comes with one-year warranty.

-Get 10% off on next purchase for referral


- Installment paymnt

- @atlastechgroup

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